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Start Teaching Today

With the best tutors

The process to start your online courses is simple and in just a few steps you will be ready to do the courses of your choice, with the best teachers

  • Step 1

    Create Your Account

    Create your user account completely free of charge on the platform by filling in the necessary information, so that you have full access to all our services.

  • Step 2

    Search for a lesson

    Through the platform of you can find the course or courses you want to do and see the available teachers for this or these courses.

  • Step 3

    Choose a teacher and start your lesson

    Once you have selected the right teacher for your lesson, complete your order and you will be ready to start your lessons. The payment of the teacher will be made at the completion of the course and based on the payment terms stated by the respective teacher.


Start teaching

Get more students

The simplest and easiest way to start teaching to students from all over the world, through the security and immediacy offered by our tools. Within a few steps, you will be ready to teach your lessons.

Create your free teacher account on the platform by filling in the necessary information, so that you have full access to all our services. Some details will need to be confirmed in order to validate your dynamics & skills.
Through the platform you will have a complete checklist for your profile as a teacher, your skills, your degrees, as well as any additional information you can share that will be useful for your students.
To start receiving requests and starting classes with your students, you will need to create the services you offer on the platform. The process is simple and highly detailed, so you can sell your courses to a wide audience.

Get started with e-dianoia

It is well known that education is the best form of optimism. At e-dianoia, we believe that the development of the individual is unlimited through education. Our professional educators are specialized in helping students progress, knowing that education opens the door to a brighter future.

Please read our Terms & Conditions of our services. You can also read our Privacy Policy for using our services..
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