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Foreign Languages

Which method is followed?

Teaching method:


Effective study
Modern, friendly and comfortable environment
Assignments and revisions
Preparation for competitions
Study of foreign languages
Regular communication with parents
Lending library
Educational games
Board games
Artistic-visual activity
Internet utilization
Creative work
Pioneering also in Adult Teaching

Learning English today is very different from what those who tried to learn it in the past and faced the traditional classroom remember.

Adults in particular need an approach that will help them to communicate directly and train them in the art of successful communication through the foreign language and not simply in the sterile method of explaining rules, translating and memorizing vocabulary.

Approach & Methodology

The developments in the research for successful learning of a foreign language has led us to new techniques that help the immediate use of each new linguistic element that is presented and that take into account the age and goals of each adult student.

Our philosophy is inspired by the principles of andragogy (as opposed to pedagogy), i.e. the approach appropriate to the education of adults, either in groups or in an individual teaching environment. According to these principles, the participation of learners in all stages of the teaching process is required so that they discover knowledge through content that concerns them and free themselves from the fear of making mistakes.

The approach covers immediate communication needs.

Language is best learned through communication itself and not through memorizing rules.

The use of authentic sources is one of the main features.

The curriculum is flexible allowing adults to improve in areas of particular need or interest.

Training in learning strategies is a major educational goal, so that each student acquires tools that will allow him to continue and improve his knowledge even after the end of his teaching program.

Teaching materials and classroom activities are interesting, enjoyable and encourage participation.

Fluency in oral language is particularly important and activities are used to improve it from the very first day.


The Examination for the Certification of Competency in English degree is an official certificate of knowledge of the English language at level B2. It is awarded by Michigan State University, one of the leading universities in the United States in the field of language research, which has many years of experience in creating and developing a wide variety of English language tests, such as the Proficiency Test.

The E.C.C.E. is officially recognized by the Greek state as a language certificate. A relevant decision has been published in the Government Gazette, Issue of Announcements A.S.E.P. no. Fillou 3/13.2.1996. The Competency degree is also recognized by the private sector (e.g. airlines, travel agencies, private banks, shipping companies, insurance companies, etc.) as a certificate of knowledge of the English language.

Program Content Hours Months Tuition
LOWER Basic Basic preparation for LOWER 200 8 95 € / month

Quick preparation for LOWER 100 4 €95 / month
LOWER Plus Material revision & Practice tests 75 €2,290

The above fees refer to our regular classes, with a number of students over four.
For departments with a smaller number of students, the monthly fees are structured as follows:
– Sections of 4 people: €110
– Sections of 3 people: €125
– Sections for 2 people: €155
– Sections for 1 person (in particular): €245

Tuition fees are paid as follows:
With the submission of the application, to reserve the place, a registration amount of €50 and a deposit of €50.
The remaining amount of the 1st installment in the 3rd course.
For multi-month plans, the remaining installments are paid by the 10th day of each following month.
– Super intensive courses (8 months)
– Homogeneous sections of adults
– Possibility of alternating monitoring

“Morning – Afternoon Sections”

“ Starting new departments all year round! ”

· Price of Lower Exams (ECCE of Michigan University): €150

The Exams are held in the months of May & December.

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